In Tatarstan, all the targets for the implementation of national projects have been achieved in 2022

27 January 2023, Friday

According to the Ministry of Economy of Tatarstan, in 2022 the Republic of Tatarstan participated in the implementation of 13 national projects, which included 49 regional projects, for which 43.7 billion rubles were allocated.

Construction of socially significant facilities was actively carried out in all regions of the republic, equipment was purchased and the material and technical base of educational and medical institutions was improved. Support measures were provided to entrepreneurs, social payments were made to families with children, and various categories of our citizens were trained in new professions.

Out of the funds of national projects, 228 objects were built and repaired in 2022: these are schools, kindergartens, polyclinics, parks and squares, sports facilities, cultural centers, theaters, art schools, museums, roads.

The implementation of all planned measures made it possible to achieve all the established socio-economic indicators by the end of 2022, including:

number of landscaped public areas for a comfortable stay of residents of the republic amounted to 233 units;

level of provision of citizens with sports facilities was 71.5%;

85.35% of children aged 5 to 18 years are covered by additional education;

16.15 thousand square meters of uninhabitable housing stock were settled;

83.19% of the roads of urban agglomerations are in standard condition;

share of the population of the republic provided with high-quality drinking water from centralized water supply systems is 94.2%.

All activities of national projects are aimed at improving the quality of life in Tatarstan and obtaining new opportunities for self-realization.


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