More than six million will be received by the agricultural producer of Muslyumovsk district

27 August 2019, Tuesday

The Guarantee Fund of the Republic subordinated to the Ministry of economy of Tatarstan supported the entrepreneur's plans to build a new cowshed.

The agricultural producer of Muslyumovsky district will receive 6,640 million rubles of credit funds for cattle breeding.  The Guarantee Fund of the Republic subordinated to the Ministry of economy of Tatarstan supported plans of the businessman for construction of a new cowshed, having acted as the guarantor at receipt of the loan.

Dairy cattle breeds and produces raw milk and meat on the farm in Muslyumovsky district is grown.  For the maintenance of cattle has its own fodder base and arable land, an area of 40.3 hectares. Livestock products are sold at fairs and to agricultural cooperatives.

The loan funds are planned to be directed to the construction of a new cowshed for 60 heads to increase milk and meat production.  The price of the project – a little more than 8 million rubles, of which 6,640-credit funds of JSC SME Bank.  The guarantee Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan provided a guarantee to the Bank for almost 4 million rubles under the program "Entrepreneurship in rural areas".

According to the Minister of economy of Tatarstan Farid Abdulganiev, the Republic has a large number of programs to support rural entrepreneurs-grants, guarantees, microloans, subsidies for reimbursement of costs for the purchase of agricultural products. One of the most popular – "Entrepreneurship in rural areas" - was launched a little more than a year ago. Special conditions for the issuance of guarantees in the amount of up to 70 percent of the amount of obligations, and the Commission of 0.5 percent per annum made it really popular.

The Fund also recalled that since the beginning of the year under this program issued 21 guarantees in the amount of 44.6 million rubles, and the total amount of loans amounted to 149.8 million rubles.

In addition to this, other programs are available to agricultural producers of Tatarstan: "Entrepreneurship in rural areas", "Standartniy" and "Sogarantiya".  The maximum amount of surety for them reaches 50 million rubles. Within the framework of these products, 8 guarantees were issued to farmers, in the amount of 113 million rubles. The amount of loans attracted amounted to 478 million rubles.

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