Import Substitution Center established in Tatarstan

24 March 2022, Thursday

To mitigate the effects of sanctions pressure in Tatarstan, the functionality of the Regional Marketing Center (RMC) has been improved. The created tool is a set of anti-sanction resources under the general name "Import Substitution Center".

Recall that initially the Republican Marketing Center was created on the basis of trade and information resources of the Agency under the state order on the initiative of the Ministry of Economy of Tatarstan and in pursuance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. The center has become a tool aimed at stimulating domestic demand.

The new RMC mechanism makes it possible to collect information on import-substituting products produced in the country, to provide assistance to customers whose activities depended on the import of components, goods, raw materials and equipment in search of replacement products.

At the same time, the resource contains proposals for manufacturers, small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to master the production of products in demand.

The following sections are presented in the "Import Substitution Center":

1. "Register of previously purchased imported products".
The register can be used by manufacturers and sellers when analyzing information on the production of similar import-substituting products.

2. "Replacement Proposals".
The resource implements the ability to collect proposals from manufacturers and sellers on the supply of necessary products and systematizes information in the section "Extended catalog of import substitution proposals". Systematization is carried out by: product name; manufacturer's address; region of the country, and so on.

For the convenience of users, there is a transition to proposals published in the federal resource "State Information System of Industry" (GISP), provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia:

Buyers-customers can already now place notices on the purchase of import-substituting products in the Procurement Module of the RMC "Aggregator" Stock Exchange ". Employees of the Agency - the operator of the RMC are focused on the selection of proposals for the supply of replacement products.

In the absence of proposals in the extended catalog of proposals and from sellers during the procurement, information about such products is placed in the RMC "Investment Niches" resource for use in order to localize replacement production and supply of replacement products.

The resource is freely available on the RMC website:

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