More than 12.8 thousand enterprises of Tatarstan applied for grants for non-working days

22 November 2021, Monday

According to the Federal Tax Service of the Republic of Tatarstan, applications from 12.859 enterprises were received for receiving gratuitous grant support from the state.

The federal program to support entrepreneurs from industries affected by the restrictions caused by the pandemic started on November 1. The recipients of the support are SMEs and SONKO, there are 21 types of activity in total – in Tatarstan there are more than 25 thousand enterprises. As of November 15, 12.859 applications were received, out of the total number of applications, 8.235 entrepreneurs have already received funds in the total amount of about 711.8 million rubles.

Gratuitous support will allow businesses to pay salaries to employees and save jobs. At the same time, the grant amount is determined depending on the number of employees - based on 1 minimum wage per 1 employed person, including the individual entrepreneur himself. Business is also exempt from taxes on grants received, if an entrepreneur decides to send a grant to pay salaries to his employees, he will not have to pay personal income tax and insurance premiums for the amount of the grant. 

Companies can apply for gratuitous grants remotely. The Federal Tax Service accepts and processes them until December 15. According to the tax service, enterprises may also be denied grants, the main reasons for this are:

- tax arrears;

- non-submission of reports "Calculation of insurance premiums";

- not suitable for the conditions of the OKVED program;

- incorrect indication of the account for the transfer of funds.

At the same time, in case of repayment of tax arrears, reporting and correct indication of the settlement account, the SME can re-apply for a grant.


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