The Ministry of Economy has launched a survey of entrepreneurs on the introduction of QR codes in Tatarstan

19 October 2021, Tuesday

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan is conducting a survey of entrepreneurs on the introduction of additional restrictions in the region due to the epidemiological situation - QR codes for visiting a number of public places and sports and culture organizations.

You can take the survey by following the link. The survey is aimed at identifying the opinions and main issues faced by business after the introduction of QR codes in the region. The survey results are anonymous and will only be used in a generalized form.

Based on the results of this study, the most problematic and acute issues facing business will be selected to develop mutually effective solutions, and the results will also help to form measures to support business entities based on their real needs and wishes.

Let us remind that additional restrictions have been introduced in Tatarstan since October 11 due to the epidemiological situation. In particular, visiting restaurants is possible only upon presentation of valid QR codes. The same applies to shopping malls, water parks, swimming pools and a number of other places. Also, since October 11, mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 has been introduced for certain categories of citizens.

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