The results of the activities of the Republican Marketing Center were summed up at a meeting in the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan

14 September 2021, Tuesday

The Ministry of Economy held a regular meeting of the working group chaired by the First Deputy Minister of Economy. According to the agenda of the meeting, the results of the activities of the Republican Marketing Center for 8 months of 2021, as well as the issue of accreditation of industrial parks and the designation of further actions for their development were considered. 

Within the framework of the order of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov, work is being carried out to achieve indicators in the resources of the Republican Marketing Center for the sale of products of Tatarstan entrepreneurs in municipalities.

For 8 months of this year, more than 3.3 thousand Tatarstan suppliers - small and medium-sized businesses, using the advantages of the resources of this digital tool, received revenue in the amount of 68.4 billion rubles. 

At the meeting, the importance of informing suppliers about revenue generation opportunities was emphasized. Such information should become an integral part of the work in the RMC. In order to ensure the sale of small business products and the opportunity for them to receive revenue, it is necessary to use the tools of the RMC as effectively as possible.

In addition, it was noted that the Ministry of Economy, together with the Agency for State Procurement, holds meetings once every 2 weeks via video-conference with the participation of municipalities on the issue of procurement of tariff-regulated organizations in the RMC. Purchases of such organizations are another reserve for the implementation of the set procurement plan. 

Also, as part of the agenda of the meeting of the working group on the progress of work with management companies and residents of industrial parks on the issue of submitting documents for accreditation to the Ministry of Economy, reports of Agryz, Aksubayevsky, Aktanyshsky, Arsky, Baltasinsky, Zelenodolsk, Laishevsky, Sabinsky and Cheremshansky municipal districts were heard.

The Ministry of Economy continues to work on the accreditation of industrial parks and interaction in a daily format with their management companies and residents on the issue of submitting documents for the conclusion of agreements. Such a mechanism will allow in the future to provide industrial parks with a number of benefits and a set of support measures developed by the Ministry to increase the occupancy rate of industrial parks and equalize competitive conditions between parks located in rural areas and in urban areas where business activity is higher.

The agreement with the Ministry will also allow one to participate in the program of subsidizing electricity costs, will give one the opportunity to receive "Construction" preferential loan in the amount of up to 30 million rubles for the construction of engineering and road infrastructure facilities.


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