3.5 billion rubles for the resettlement of emergency housing, improving water quality and creating a comfortable environment will be allocated to Tatarstan

20 May 2021, Thursday

Improving the quality of drinking water for residents of the Republic is provided by the "Clean Water" regional project, included in the "Housing and Urban Environment" national project. In 2021, 3.5 billion rubles will be allocated for the implementation of the national project in Tatarstan, in addition to providing citizens with clean drinking water; the project includes measures to resettle citizens from emergency housing and create a comfortable living environment.

So, in 2021, in the republic, within the framework of the national project "Housing and urban environment", it is planned to implement 4 regional projects, namely "Housing" with a total funding of 956.89 million rubles, "Creating a comfortable urban environment" – 1.95 billion rubles, "Ensuring a sustainable reduction of uninhabitable housing stock" – 403.33 million rubles and "Clean Water" – 215.37 million rubles.

Within the framework of the "Clean Water" regional project, measures for the construction and reconstruction of drinking water supply facilities, water treatment plants in the village Vasilyevo in Zelenodolsky municipal district will be implemented. Construction and installation work has already begun on the site: sewer networks have been laid, wells have been installed, a cut-in chamber has been made, and the foundation for the building has been laid. The commissioning of the water treatment plant will help to provide clean water and stable water supply to the residents of the village of Vasilevo. 

Within the framework of the "Provision of uninhabitable housing stock" regional project, it is planned to purchase 100 apartments for the resettlement of citizens from the emergency housing stock with an area of 3784.69 sq. m. The apartments will provide comfortable living conditions for citizens resettled from dilapidated housing. 

Also, as part of the "Housing" regional project, external and on-site water supply networks will be built in the "Summer" residential complex of the Sovetsky district of Kazan, put into operation a secondary school for 1501 places with a swimming pool on N. Yershov st. in Kazan. In Kazan, the surface runoff treatment facilities in "Svetly Dolina" residential complex in Kazan have been reconstructed, and 3 kindergartens will be built in the residential complexes "Vesna", "Salavat Kupere" and "Novye Gorki" in Kazan.

Within the framework of "Formation of a comfortable urban environment" regional project this year, it is planned to improve 57 parks and squares in Naberezhnye Chelny and 39 municipal districts of the Republic of Tatarstan.


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