Private industrial site and a unique mushroom shop - Midkhat Shagiakhmetov visited the enterprises of Aksubayevskiy district

15 September 2020, Tuesday

The meeting with labor collectives and business community of the Aksubayevskiy district of the republic was held within the framework of the working visit by the Minister of Economy Midkhat Shagiakhmetov.

Together with the Head of the district Kamil Gilmanov, the Minister visited a separate subdivision of the TATEKH oil company. The enterprise was created to solve environmental problems arising in oil production and introduced in Russia a unique technology for capturing light fractions of oil, which allows to significantly reduce oil losses and improve the environmental situation in the regions of its development. The second stage in the formation of the history of TATEKH as an oil company was the transfer to it of the Onby field in the Zainskiy district and the Demkinsky field in the Aksubayevskiy district by Tatneft for the development and oil production.

After inspecting the production division of TATEKH the Minister went to the Staroye Mokshino village, where the Mushroom shop of peasant farm Samarenkin A.K. is located. The area of ​​the workshop for the production of oyster mushrooms is about 1.5 thousand square meters. Today, the farm not only grows mushrooms, but also produces mycelium substrates; there is also a drying onion shop with a capacity of 0.5 tons per day. Currently, up to 6 tons of oyster mushrooms are grown here every month and delivered to catering establishments and retail chains.

The representative of the farm shared with the Minister of Economy further plans for the development of production, including the purchase of additional drying cabinets and an increase in the volume of products. The opening of the drying shop made it possible to ensure the sale of the grown onions by personal subsidiary farms of the Aksubayevskiy district. The Minister of Economy held a meeting with the labor collective of the enterprise, highly appreciating the professional qualities of the employees, who ensured that the farm reached its full production capacity. Also, Midkhat Shagiakhmetov met with the entrepreneurial activists of the municipality. During the business conversation, the Minister of Economy discussed with business representatives issues related to the implementation of an additional package of support measures, which came into force on August 24, and other topics of concern to Aksubayevsk entrepreneurs.

Another stop in the district was a visit by the Minister to the “Leader Service” precast concrete plant, whose main activity is the production of concrete and reinforced concrete products. More than 100 million rubles have been invested since the start of the project. A base of special equipment has been organized on the free areas of the plant's territory, work is underway to launch another 7 new types of production - the production of reinforced concrete products, metal structures, windows and stained-glass windows, block-modular buildings. The launch of new production facilities will allow opening an industrial park on the territory of the plant, the project of which was presented to the Minister of Economy. Today, the number of employees employed in production is 64 people, the opening of new areas of activity in the future will create additional jobs for residents of the district.

The private industrial site “GARANT” also successfully operates in the municipality. Three residents operate at the infrastructure facility. Representatives of the industrial site produce bread and flour confectionery, produce corrugated board for fences, roofs, and house cladding. More than 92 million rubles have been invested in the project. The Minister examined the production areas and assessed the future prospects of this site.

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