The Republican Marketing Center will provide orders for manufacturers of Tatarstan during the period of quarantine measures

20 April 2020, Monday

The Minister of Economy of Tatarstan Midkhat Shagiakhmetov held a daily meeting in the video communication mode as part of the implementation of the Plan for ensuring sustainable development of the economy of the republic. Last week, the heads of the Leninogorskiy, Chistopolskiy and Drozhzhanovskiy districts submitted their reports to the working group. The Minister of Economy paid special attention to the need to reduce dependence on imports and expand production in Tatarstan, which will involve local suppliers of raw materials and manufacturers. In addition, members of the working group discussed additional measures to support business voiced by the President of Russia the day before.

The Republican Marketing Center will strengthen the interaction of Tatarstan producers and suppliers of raw materials, materials and services in order to ensure uninterrupted production of all necessary goods within the region and their delivery to retail outlets. Let us recall that the Center was created on the basis of the electronic platform of the State Order Agency subordinated to the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan.

“During the crisis caused by the epidemiological situation, the organization of partnerships between suppliers and manufacturers within this site is especially relevant. Customers place lots and thereby ensure capacity utilization of those companies that, due to quarantine measures and reduced trading activity, were forced to suspend work. At this time, it is necessary to especially carefully analyze the demand and monitor the contractors who are ready to meet it, while giving preference to our Tatarstan enterprises, that is, first of all providing orders for the local manufacturer, Midkhat Shagiakhmetov addressed the working group. - So, for example, Tatarstan freight carriers are faced with the fact that the main orders for the logistics of goods are carried out by contractors from other constituent entities of the Russian Federation. As a result, our companies suffer losses. Such examples may be given in almost every industry. It is necessary to make maximum use of the reserves for loading our enterprises, this will save employment and the possibility of paying wages to employees”.

The Minister also announced additional measures to support entrepreneurship, presented on Wednesday at a meeting with members of the Government of the President of the Russian Federation. Midkhat Shagiakhmetov emphasized the need for prompt implementation of new measures in the regions of Tatarstan after taking them at the federal level.

To prevent speculation during a pandemic, daily monitoring of prices for essential commodities is carried out in all municipalities. Price fluctuations that are not seasonal in nature are recorded by district executive committees and brought to the attention of the regional Antimonopoly Service. In order to ensure uninterrupted supply of essential goods to the population, food stores continue to work in all areas, in compliance with the necessary sanitary and epidemiological standards. In addition, in those settlements where there are no stationary stores, an on-site trade of consumer cooperatives is organized.

In the districts, non-contact delivery of goods by volunteers to citizens over 65 who are at risk is also organized. This eliminates the risk of infection of older people and, as a result, prevents the further spread of coronavirus infection in Tatarstan.

Information on the measures envisaged to support small and medium-sized enterprises, extending the deadlines for submitting declarations, and paying taxes is timely communicated to the business community of Tatarstan.

An increase in demand for products offered by self-employed is recorded in Chistopolskiy district: food and prepared meals, grown vegetables, herbs, mushrooms. In turn, the agricultural enterprises of the Leninogorskiy district, which carry out activities in animal husbandry, operate in a continuous cycle. Crop companies have begun sowing. No arrears of wages and payroll accruals were recorded.

Meetings with municipalities will continue this week.

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