Alabuga Special Economic Zone launched a new production for release of "Grodan" substrates for plants

2 October 2018, Tuesday

Today, a new production was launched for production of Grodan substrates for plants on the territory of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone. The opening ceremony was attended by Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan - Aleksey Pesoshin, Danish Ambassador in Russia - Karsten Sendergord, Senior Vice President of ROCKWOOL International - Thomas Keller, General Director of ROCKWOOL Russia - Marina Potoker, Minister of Economy of Tatarstan - Farid Abdulganiev.

The plant was built by the Danish company "Rockwool" - a manufacturer of thermal insulation, current resident of the Alabuga SEZ. More than 500 million rubles were invested in the project. The launch of this enterprise will allow to solve the tasks of import substitution, since until today the supply of these substrates was carried out from Holland. This is the fourth plant "Grodan" worldwide and the first in Russia.

Speaking at the solemn event, Aleksey Pesoshin notes that the republic today is one of the leading industrial centers of Russia. “The choice of Tatarstan for opening a new plant indicates a great potential of the republic in further increasing the production of industrial products,” he said.

The Prime Minister of Tatarstan wished the management of the company success in achieving the goals set and expressed confidence that the Grodan substrates will be in demand in the market.

Grodan products can improve the efficiency of modern greenhouses. For example, to use less water, fertilizer and space. Thus, water consumption in the cultivation of tomatoes is reduced to 15 times.

A contractor for the construction of the Grodan plant was a subsidiary of the SEZ, Alabuga Development, which was created specifically to provide general contracting services to residents. Construction was launched in September 2017.

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