Innovative enterprises of Tatarstan can receive a grant of up to 30 million rubles

19 October 2021, Tuesday

In Tatarstan, in the period from September to November 2021, you can apply for participation in the "Development-NTI" competition from the Innovation Assistance Fund. The competition is designed to provide financial support to small innovative enterprises of Tatarstan, which introduce the results of their own research and development work into production.

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan provides consulting assistance to entrepreneurs-innovators to participate in the grant program "Development-NTI". The amount of the grant for one project is up to 30 million rubles.

The competition is aimed at supporting enterprises that have a positive business reputation, as well as experience in the development, market launch and sales of high-tech products, planning to conduct R&D within the framework of innovative projects for the development of new types of high-tech products in order to implement beacon projects that contribute to achieving concrete results and effects in the future until 2024.

Within the framework of the competition, it is planned to select projects involving R&D in order to implement the following lighthouse projects: unmanned logistics corridors, autonomous navigation, unmanned air cargo delivery, personal medical assistants, an electric car and a hydrogen car. 

The claimed projects should be focused on meeting technological needs, as well as solving scientific, technical, engineering and technological tasks formulated for each lighthouse project.

More detailed information about the contest can be found at the link: /

Applications are accepted until November 1, 2021.



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