Regional representatives of the Entrepreneurship Support Fund held more than 27 thousand consultations

10 June 2020, Wednesday

Regional representatives of the My Business Center of the Tatarstan Entrepreneurship Support Fund are working on an ongoing basis in 35 municipal districts of the Republic. Representatives are ready to provide free professional advice on all issues of interest to entrepreneurs, as well as introduce measures of both financial and information support. During the year, representatives provided entrepreneurs with more than 27 thousand services.

The Institute of Regional Representatives of the Entrepreneurship Support Fund of the Republic in municipalities was established in 2019 with the aim of maximizing the coverage of small and medium-sized businesses with existing support measures. So, being anywhere in Tatarstan, an entrepreneur can get a quality service with a minimum of time costs.

Experts in municipal districts give advice on starting own business, financial and business planning, legal issues, staffing, certification of goods and services, obtaining a loan, participating in educational events and foreign exhibitions. In 2019, regional representatives held almost 19 thousand consultations for district entrepreneurs and more than 8 thousand - this year already.

Also, over the past year, regional representatives provided more than 16 thousand services to SMEs and individuals interested in starting business activities. About 2,600 entrepreneurs received state support. In turn, in the first five months of 2020, regional representatives provided 6,353 services; about 2,000 entrepreneurs took advantage of support measures.

Basically, representatives of the business community engaged in retail trade, agriculture, construction, freight, industrial production, as well as those engaged in the service sector, seek advice and services.

The most popular among entrepreneurs are financial support measures, such as the provision of microloans, popularization of their own products through advertising companies, they are also interested in business and provision of grant support, subsidies.

Self-employed citizens also turn to regional representatives. They are interested in issues regarding the payment of insurance premiums, reporting, conclusion of contracts with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. In 2019, more than 13,000 self-employed were consulted and registered by specialists in the districts.

Let us recall that also for quick access to all support measures and reduce time costs for entrepreneurs of the Republic, the ФАСТТРЕК.РФ portal was developed. The portal is a unique project of Tatarstan and was created to simplify the access of entrepreneurs to state support measures, as well as to interact with government agencies in the online space. The portal operates in a “single window” format, you can submit an application and track the progress of its execution in the “My Account” remotely.

You can familiarize yourself with the contact details of regional representatives on the website of Entrepreneurship Support Fund of RT ( in the Entrepreneurship Support Center section.

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