New industrial sites accredited in Tatarstan

26 August 2019, Monday

In Sabinsk municipal district and Naberezhnye Chelny  there are new industrial sites. Thanks to them, 160 additional jobs have been created in the territories.

According to the results of the last meeting of the Commission on accreditation of subjects of infrastructure of property support of SMEs of Tatarstan, 6 industrial sites received accreditation. Two of them received this status for the first time.

According to the Minister of economy Farid Abdulganiev, today in the Republic of Tatarstan there are 90 infrastructure facilities-74 industrial sites and 16 industrial parks. In total, thanks to the development of industrial parks and sites in Tatarstan created more than 26 thousand jobs.

The new industrial site appeared in Sabinsky district – "Prominvestechnoholding" and Naberezhnye Chelny – "Promvest".

On the basis of "Prominvestechnoholding" there are 4 resident engaged in the production of stabilizing additives and dry mixes for construction, production of concrete and concrete products, recycling and disposal of waste oil industry. This company "Investeerders", "Innovative logistics techniques", "NPP Progress" and "PTK StroyAlyans".

Residents of industrial area "Promvest" became the companies "Promvest", "Tekhnokomplekt", "NCH - Prof", "Logo-Automatica". The activities of these companies are aimed at the procurement, processing, storage and sale of waste and scrap of ferrous metals, the production of construction metal structures, the development of computer software.

Residents of accredited industrial sites have the opportunity to take advantage of support programs of the Ministry of economy of the Republic of Tatarstan. In particular, to subsidize the interest rate for reimbursement of costs associated with the payment of interest on loans attracted for the construction (reconstruction) of engineering infrastructure, industrial buildings, structures, structures, as well as for the purchase of new equipment.

Also some areas by decision of the Executive committees for residents may reduce or abolish land tax. If the land on which the industrial park or site is located is in municipal ownership, the decision of the Executive Committee may be reduced or canceled rent.

The acceptance of applications for accreditation of industrial parks and sites continues until November 30, 2019.

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