The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan spoke about support measures for the elderly within the framework of national projects

1 October 2022, Saturday

Traditionally, on the first day of October, the whole world celebrates the Day of the Elderly. Almost one million elderly people live in Tatarstan - this is a quarter of the population of the republic. In order to take care of them in Tatarstan, the regional project "Older Generation" of the national project "Demography" is being implemented, for which 99.6 million rubles will be allocated this year.

Thanks to the allocated funding, a pilot project is being implemented to create a system of long-term care for the elderly and disabled, which includes the projects: “Foster family for an elderly citizen”, “Nurse” and “Mobile Brigade”.

To receive services under the "Nurse" project, you must apply to the complex centers of social services for the population. The state undertakes to provide patronage care for people who are not able to serve themselves on their own. The care service includes medical and social assistance.

The identification and registration of citizens in need of long-term care is carried out by social service workers during traditional door-to-door (door-to-door) rounds.

Tatarstan is one of 15 regions participating in the implementation of a pilot project to involve private medical organizations in the provision of medical and social services to people aged 65 years and older. In 2022, within the framework of the project, following the results of a competitive selection, 10 private medical organizations received the right to provide medical services at home.

The pilot project is being implemented on the territory of the Agryz, Arsk, Almetyevsk municipal districts, the cities of Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Bugulma, Leninogorsk.

The "Foster Family for the Elderly" project provides an opportunity for an elderly person, who is lonely and in need of medical and social services, to be placed in a foster family, which assumes the obligation to care for him for the period of his residence in his family.

Under the Mobile Brigade project, 43 vehicles were purchased to carry out preventive examinations and dispensary observation to deliver elderly people living in rural areas to medical institutions.

Also, within the framework of the national project "Demography", 63 geriatric rooms have been created on the basis of medical organizations in 41 municipalities of the republic, which receive elderly patients with various age-related diseases. On the basis of the Kazan Hospital, for the purpose of advisory, organizational, methodological and scientific support for the organization of assistance to the elderly, the Republican Geriatric Center was opened in 2020.

At the expense of the federal budget, vaccination against pneumococcal infection is carried out for citizens older than working age from risk groups living in stationary social service organizations.

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