In 2021, Tatarstan families received payments for their first child for almost 3.5 billion rubles

22 January 2022, Saturday

According to the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan, in 2021, more than 35 thousand families from Tatarstan received payments in connection with the birth of their first child. In total, they were paid 3,489.9 million rubles under the Demography national project.


Also, families living in rural areas in which the first, third child was born received payments at the birth of children. 131.7 million rubles were allocated for these purposes. At the same time, more than 36 thousand children under the age of three in the republic are provided with special baby food products, for which 466.8 million rubles were allocated last year.

Assistance is also provided to parents of children attending kindergarten in the form of compensation for part of the payment for the maintenance of the child in a preschool educational institution. So, last year they were paid 911.6 million rubles in the form of compensation.

Also last year, according to the national project "Demography", 7,835 elderly and disabled citizens were covered by the long-term care system. 131.1 million rubles were allocated for these purposes.

National projects have been implemented in the Russian Federation since 2019 on the basis of the “May Decrees” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. They cover 12 areas of the country's strategic development, such as "Health", "Education", "Ecology", "Demography", "Culture", "Housing and Urban Environment", "Safe Quality Roads", "Labor Productivity", "Tourism and hospitality industry", "Small and medium-sized businesses", "International cooperation and export", "Digital economy".

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