The importance of the All-Russian Population Census was noted at the meeting of the working group

14 October 2021, Thursday

A meeting of the working group with the participation of municipalities and urban districts was held at the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan. A number of issues were considered at the meeting, including the readiness of Tatarstan municipalities to conduct the All-Russian Population Census.

The importance and necessity of the All-Russian Population Census was noted at the Meeting. The results of the census will form the basis of a scientifically based forecast of demographic trends in the Republic of Tatarstan, will increase the effectiveness of management decisions, the targeting of socio-economic policy. The data obtained will help to understand how many kindergartens, hospitals, paramedic stations, libraries, museums, clubs, educational institutions need to be built and in which area. 

The Deputy Minister of Economy - Head of the Department of Socio-Economic Monitoring Roman Amirkhanov made a report on the readiness of municipal districts and urban districts to conduct the census and submit reports on the census.

Another issue of the Meeting was working with management companies and residents of industrial parks on the issue of submitting documents for concluding agreements with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan. To date, 62 applications have been submitted from residents.

It was noted that curators – representatives of subordinate organizations of the Ministry – provide assistance in the formation of a package of documents and other issues related to accreditation. Curators are in touch with industrial parks and their residents on a daily basis.

In addition, during the meeting of the working group, attention was drawn to the fact that the existence of an agreement with the Ministry will allow entrepreneurs to receive tax benefits and other measures of state support on favorable terms.

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