Almetyevsk topped the rating of socio-economic development of the districts of Tatarstan

6 April 2021, Tuesday

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan has formed a monthly rating of socio-economic development of municipalities and urban districts of the Republic of Tatarstan for January-February 2021–Almetyevsky district is in the lead. Nizhnekamsk district is in second place, Laishevsky municipal district closes the top three leaders.

According to the results of the first two months of the year, a significant increase was demonstrated by the Apastovsky municipal district. He rose in the rating by 6 positions – the change is due to a decrease in the unemployment rate. In general, as of March 1, 2021, the registered unemployment rate in the republic was 1.5%. In 37 municipalities this indicator is lower than the national average. The lowest unemployment rate was registered in the Aktanyshsky (0.26%), Atninsky (0.42%) and Alekseevsky (0.43%) municipal districts, the highest – in Pestrechinsky (2.69%), Nurlatsky (2.49%) municipalities and in the city of Kazan (2.19%).

Per capita, the volume of products shipped in the republic averaged 126.41 thousand rubles, among the municipalities of the republic, the highest results in this indicator were recorded in Almetyevsk (845.9 thousand rubles), Nizhnekamsk (356.6 thousand rubles) and Novosheshminsky (302.3 thousand rubles) municipal districts.

Pestrechinsky (2,279 square meters), Laishevsky (0.824 square meters) and Vysokogorsky (0.762 square meters) districts of Tatarstan are the leaders in terms of the number of residential buildings commissioned per capita. In total, in January-February of this year, the total area of commissioned residential buildings in Tatarstan amounted to 0.131 square meters per capita.

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