The new resident of PSEDA "Chistopol" implements an investment project worth 10 million rubles

11 September 2019, Wednesday

The company for the production of heating radiators LLC "K-Term" is implementing a project worth 10 million rubles for PSEDA "Chistopol".

Application for incorporation of a company in the Federal registry of residents of PSEDA approved by the Ministry of economic development, allowing to start implementation of previously supported by the Commission of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan investment projects.

As the Minister of economy of Tatarstan Farid Abdulganiev noted, the results of the activities for the development of single-industry towns can be seen today. Largely due to the use of such a tool to enhance investment activity as the creation of territories of advanced social and economic development in these cities. The PSEDA provides the conditions necessary for integral development, and allows you to get away from monotonicity.

 "The opening of new industries plays a key role in stimulating and diversifying the economy of single-industry towns, which largely contributes to the diversification of the economy of the Republic as a whole.  In addition, the positive effect will be felt from tax revenues to the consolidated budget of the Republic of Tatarstan. In particular, in the implementation of this project from 2019 to 2027, their volume will exceed 18 million rubles. The resident will be provided with tax benefits for 6.9 million rubles during this period, " the Minister stressed.

To date, residents of PSEDA "Chistopol" produced about 298 million rubles of capital investments (excluding VAT) and created more than 280 new jobs.

Recall, that already 5 of existing residents implement their projects in PSEDA "Chistopol" . Thus, the company "Kamlit" is building a plant for the production of components for submersible energy-efficient installations of electric centrifugal pumps, the company "Jin Feng" - the construction of a shop for processing meat by-products, and The company "Thechnologiya Uspeha" is building a greenhouse complex. Company "Hyperion" produces pipes of low pressure polyethylene Shoe company "BARS" produces footwear made of leather and PVC.

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