Innovative projects of Tatarstan received support of 96.5 million rubles

10 September 2019, Tuesday

Support in the amount of 96.5 million rubles received 10 innovative projects of Tatarstan in the second quarter of 2019. Tatarstan Ministry of economy provided expert assessment and assistance in preparing applications for participation in competitive programs of the innovation assistance fund.

The Republic of Tatarstan traditionally takes an active part in competitions and programs of the Fund. Interaction with this Institute of development in the field of innovation in the Republic is supervised by the Ministry of economy of the Republic of Tatarstan together with the regional representative of the Fund. Employees of the Ministry of economy of Tatarstan provide expert and Advisory assistance to innovative SMEs to participate in competitive programs.

In the second quarter of 2019, 10 innovative projects of Tatarstan received such support. Half of them became winners in the program "Commercialization" (VIII stage). The program involves assistance in the organization of mass production of innovative products and their introduction to the common market. The companies received co-financing in the amount of 68.5 million rubles.

The company "Release" allocated funds will be directed to the production of colored rubber CRG granules using innovative technology. Such granules are used for coatings on children's and yard areas, landscaping and decoration of recreation areas in parks, sanatoriums, shopping centers and so on.

The project of the SPA "Elcom" is aimed at organizing small-scale production of equipment for infrared drying, used today in many sectors of the economy and industry.

The company " TVS " will commercialize the previously developed technology for the production of biodegradable material for the production of absorbable medical yarn.

"Sovatech" plans to introduce energy-saving cold-plasma technology to modernize the technological process of pre-sowing treatment of seeds of various crops. The use of this technology contributes to the resistance of plants to adverse environmental factors in the process of their growth and maturation.

The support of the Fund will allow "Tris" company to implement a project to increase the properties of fire resistance of already manufactured products –polyurethane sprayed insulation and construction glue with individual plastic gun in aerosol packaging.

Two more Republican projects were approved by the Fund in the amount of 7 million rubles under the "START" program aimed at creating new and supporting existing small innovative enterprises. These are projects of companies "NTC Greentex" and "AtriuM". The first of them is devoted to the development of technology and pilot plant for processing plant biomass into complete feed for cattle. The second is the development of technology and equipment for continuous production of composite pavers based on thermomodified secondary resources.

Under the program "Development of STI " (V stage), involving the implementation of R&D in order to implement the roadmaps of the National technology initiative, 1 project worth 16.5 million rubles was approved. The project of "Etton Group" company is connected with the development of hardware and software complex of solid municipal waste accounting.

The scientist from Kazan national research technological University Ivan Zakharov presented the project "Development of technology for obtaining biodegradable sheet from pulp and biomodified gluten" for consideration of the Fund. His proposal was supported in the framework of the program for young scientists in the interests of enterprises of agroindustrial complex "UMNIK-EFKO".

In the program "Youth Involvement in innovative activities" was won by the Association "Innokam" with the project "Creating the future together" in the amount of 4 million rubles. The Association will hold events for schoolchildren during the 23rd annual international conference TCI Annual Global Conference in Kazan in 2020.

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