Forecasts and results of social and economic development

The Republic of Tatarstan is one of the most economically developed regions of the Russian Federation. It is making the significant contribution to Russian economy. The share of the Republic of Tatarstan in national economy:
– in the sum of a gross regional product of Russia - 2,9%;
– in volume of an industrial output - 3,8%;
– in production of agriculture – 4,3%;
– in investments into fixed capital – 3,9%;
– in volume of construction works – 4,1%;
– in volume of the entered housing – 3,2%;
– in a turn of retail trade – 3,0%.
In the republic 6,3% of the Russian oil production are extracted, more than a half of Russian production of polyethylene, 47,5% of synthetic rubbers, 32% of trucks, 25% of car tires is produced.
On the volume of a gross regional product the republic takes the 7th place among regions of the Russian Federation, in agriculture – the 3 place, in industrial production and the volume of investment into fixed capital – the 5th place, in construction – the 6th place, in input of housing and a turn of retail trade – the 7th place.

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