The number of applications for trademarks has increased by one third in Tatarstan

13 February 2019, Wednesday

“An important indicator of economic development of Tatarstan and an indicator of business maturity is the number of applications for trademarks. So, last year their number increased by almost one third compared with 2017”, said Grigoriy Ivliyev, Head of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, today. He noted that Tatarstan became the leader of inventive activity in the Volga Federal District. “Tatarstan stands the first in terms of inventive activity in the Volga Federal District”, Ivliyev noted. According to him, last year the number of applications for inventions increased by 5.5%: utility models - by 13%, industrial designs - by 3.7%. The Head of Rospatent also reminds that there is a procedure for registration of regional brands as an appellation of origin. “We see the potential of the republic in registering such titles. First of all, it concerns art crafts and food products”, Ivliyev noted.

As a positive example, he cited the work of the Minister of Economy of Tatarstan, Farid Abdulganiev, on registering such an umbrella brand as ‘Kazan is the third capital’. “You were just a couple of days ahead of Nizhny Novgorod”, the Head of Rospatent emphasized.

The need to promote local products was emphasized by Minister Abdulganiev in his report: “This contributes to recognition of the territory in which it is produced. Also one of the existing tools for product promotion is registration of regional brands as an appellation of origin. Municipalities of the Republic have a number of exceptional traditional products. For example, such as "Kukmorskie valenki", "Kamskiy pike". There is a developed republican network of Technology and Innovation Support Centers, which covers 24 organizations, which is two times more than in Moscow and St. Petersburg combined. There is active interaction with the Russian export center for reimbursement of costs of foreign patenting”. Farid Abdulganiev also recalled that the TatPatent intellectual property portal had been developed. The Minister thanked Rospatent for its support and assistance in development and promotion of intellectual property of enterprises and organizations of the republic.

Press Service of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan

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