General requirements for organization and implementation of preventive measures by control and supervisory authorities are approved

10 January 2019, Thursday

The Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 26, 2018 No. 1680 came into force, which approved the general requirements for organization and implementation of prevention of violations of mandatory requirements by control bodies. In the framework of the large-scale reform of control and supervisory activities carried out in the past three years, considerable attention was paid to preventive measures. The General Requirements approved by the Government Act became a logical continuation of this work.

According to the document, preventive measures are carried out by the control (supervision) body on the basis of annual program for prevention of violations. When several types of control (supervision) are implemented, both a single prevention program and individual prevention programs for each type of control (supervision) can be adopted.

The following main measures for prevention of violations are envisaged:

- placing on official websites lists of regulatory legal acts with requirements, assessment of compliance is the subject of control, as well as their texts;

- information on compliance issues;

- generalization of the practice of state control (supervision), municipal control.

General Requirements specify the order and peculiarities of implementation of these activities. In addition to these, other measures may also be envisaged, also included in the program for prevention of violations.

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