Tatarstan high form pupils are invited to participate in the Olympiad of National Technological Initiative

17 September 2018, Monday

Pupils of 8-11th grades can take part in the Olympiad of National Technological Initiative. It will take place in 19 profiles:

- Autonomous transport systems;

- Big data and computer-aided education;

- Intelligent energy systems;

- Earth remote sensing communication systems;

- Unmanned aerial systems;

- Intelligent robotic systems;

- Neurotechnology;

- Nano-systems and Nano-engineering;

- Wireless communication technologies;

- Smart city;

- Aerospace systems;

- Development of virtual and augmented reality applications;

- Analysis of space images and geospatial data;

- Cognitive technologies;

- Software engineering of financial technologies;

- Advanced production technologies;

- Composite technologies;

- Water robotic systems.

To participate, one should register on the site: and cope online with tasks of the first stage. In the second round, the pupils will have to solve new tasks, team up and pass online training. And in the final, participants will work with real engineering equipment, applying in practice the knowledge demonstrated at the qualifying stages.

The winners and prize-winners of the NTI Olympiad can enter the universities-organizers without exams (profiles from the list of Russian Council of Olympiads) or get additional points upon admission (new profiles).

Press Service of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan

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