Strategies for development of monotowns were discussed in Naberezhnye Chelny

15 May 2018, Tuesday

Issues of implementation of investment projects and development of monotowns were discussed at the 2nd All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Advanced Socio-Economic Development Territories: Issues of Development and Practice". The event was held in Naberezhnye Chelny.

Deputy Minister of Economy of Tatarstan Natalia Tarkaeva greeted participants of the conference. She noted that there are 60 TOSERs (Advanced Socio-Economic Development Territories) in Russia, and four of them are in Tatarstan. TOSER "Naberezhnye Chelny" is the first in Russia, and it successfully operates today. Our task is to attract to all TOSERs of the republic over 110 residents with a total investment of RUR 62.1 million, which will allow to create 17 thousand new jobs", - the Deputy Minister noted.

In the event, the following issues were discussed by representatives of scientific society, heads of state authorities of the republic, local self-government bodies of monotowns of Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan, where TOSERs have been established:

domestic and foreign experience of establishing territories with preferential conditions for doing business,

strategies for development of monotowns,

tools for advanced development of territories,

mechanisms for attracting investment,

state and municipal tools for economic development of the TOSER,

effective forms of cooperation between the government, business and urban community,

development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship,

development of vocational education in line with the real needs of the economy of TOSER.

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