Strategies for socio-economic development of Kazan, as well as Chistopol and Mendeleevsk regions were appreciated at the federal level

25 December 2017, Monday

On December 21, speaking at the 12th Congress of the Council of Municipalities of the Republic of Tatarstan, Prime Minister of the republic Aleksey Pesoshin said that preliminary results of the expiring year make it possible to draw a conclusion on the positive pace of economic development of the republic.

Along with the strategies for social and economic development of urban districts and municipal regions until 2030, the plans for the development of settlements were approved in all municipalities. They are an integral part of the regional Strategy-2030 and have common goals and tasks with it. According to Pesoshin, the strategies of some municipalities, including Kazan, as well as Chistopol and Mendeleevsk regions were appreciated at the federal level.

For the successful development of municipalities, ensuring a closer link between strategic and budgetary planning, the republic worked out strategies for the development of all branches of industry and adopted 33 state programmes, the implementation of which exceeds 95 per cent of the total regional budget, Pesoshin went on to say.

The republic approved the procedure for providing social guarantees for the development of public infrastructure, which contributes to the successful implementation of 37 regional programmes designed for the construction, capital repair and improvement of housing conditions for citizens. A total of 3,122 facilities worth more than 44 billion roubles have been built under these programmes in 2017.

"This gives us an opportunity to systematically overcome the differences in the development of municipalities and create equal conditions for the development of all municipalities," Pesoshin continued.

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